About me


I am a scientist and entrepreneur. I joined eToro in 2019 and have been an eToro Popular Investor since 2020. You can find me on eToro under the username of SimoneRizzetto88.

Currently, I work as a scientist in immuno-oncology, with over five years of experience. I have authored several scientific publications and founded a bioinformatics startup.

My expertise extends to the biotech and technology markets, and I leverage my scientific background to make well-informed trading decisions, identifying stocks with a higher chance of long-term success.

My education is primarily focused around computer and data science applied to life sciences. I hold an MSc in Computer Science and a PhD in Medical Sciences.

I developed piScreener with the intention of enhancing transparency for my copiers. Through piScreener, I offer them improved analytics of my portfolio and provide tools to optimize their investments.

Additionally, piScreener serves as an analytical tool that I personally employ to manage my portfolio’s risk, enabling me to offer my copiers better returns with reduced risk.

As a member of the eToro community, I am thrilled to witness that hundreds of investors have found piScreener to be a valuable addition to their investment process.